History of Wellness Gum

Wellness Gum is a product of extensive research, developed by the team of doctors and chemists in the beginning of 21st century. The first cannabinoid-containing functional controlled-release chewing gum was called CanChew Gum, formally introduced to the market in 2012.

CanChew gum was an instant success. The company built a wide pool of dedicated customers and attracted attention of the press: featured in numerous prestigious publications, won the Golden Leaf award for the best nutraceutical product and featured in a documentary.

Company’s scientists continued the research and created a greatly improved version of the gum – CanChew+. It was produced adhering cGMP standards by a top functional chewing gum manufacturer in Europe. The gum had greatly improved release profile of its CBD (strictly from industrial hemp) and bioavailability. This was accomplished via a novel technology utilizing microencapsulation of the hemp oil, developed and patented by the inventors.

In 2020 the same team of scientists  created additional chewing gums to broaden the scope of products:

  • Wellness Gum PM, containing hemp oil extracted 5mg of CBD, Melatonin, Tryptophan and vitamin B3 to aid a healthy sleep
  • Workout Gum, containing hemp oil extracted 5mg of CBD, ginseng, caffeine and magnesium citrate to reduce stress and fatigue, produce stamina and give workout a boost
  • Hole in One Gum, was specifically design for golfers to increase stamina, concentration and overall performance
  • Wellness Gum Extra Strength, containing hemp oil extracted 10mg of CBD. This gum was designed for the faithful CanChew+ customers and contains the same ingredients but an improved formulation.

APIRx Pharmaceuticals is constantly striving for innovation and perfection, to provide the highest quality nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products adhering to the strictest quality standards (cGMP, ISO etc).

In the end, it is YOUR WELLBEING we are working to maintain and improve!

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