The best way
to take CBD! Period!

Have you had your CBD today?

Wellness Gum harnesses the power of CBD from full-spectrum hemp oil through a proprietary, scientifically-developed chewing gum that promotes increased absorption. With 5 mg of CBD per piece, Wellness Gum is a convenient, pre-measured way to get your daily CBD anywhere.

Your All-Natural Daily CBD

Our gum features CBD derived from high-quality full spectrum industrial hemp and has no added sugar.

The Best Way To Consume

Wellness Gum is fast acting, absorbs in two to ten minutes and features a time-release patented technology.


You can chew gum almost anywhere! Pop a pack of Wellness Gum in your bag and chew it on-the-go, no matter where life takes you.


Our Great Tasting Products

Wellness Gum

Wellness Gum is formulated to offer increased absorption for a fast-acting, on-the-go option to get your daily CBD. Each piece of gum delivers 5mg of CBD and 25mg of full-spectrum hemp oil.

Wellness Gum Extra Strength

Wellness Gum Extra Strength is formulated with 10 mg of CBD and 50 mg of full-spectrum hemp oil per piece. With double the CBD, this gum is for those who need and extra kick.

Wellness Gum PM

Wellness Gum PM, infused with melatonin, L-Tryptophan and vitamin B3, promotes relaxation and sleep. Each piece of gum delivers 5mg of CBD and 25mg of full-spectrum hemp oil.

Workout Gum

Workout Gum combines the power of 5 mg of CBD per piece with ginseng and caffeine to increase energy levels and magnesium citrate to reduce fatigue for an all-in-one workout boost.

Hole-In-One Gum

Hole-In-One Gum combines 5mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp oil with 25 mg of ginseng and caffeine to increase energy levels and 30 mg of magnesium citrate; Helping you keep your game up to par.

A Gum for Everyone

“Wellness gum not only helps me to retain my focus throughout the day, but is a great way to unwind after getting home from work or even a cardio session at the gym.” -Brett in Las Vegas

“It’s definitely become part of my routine for the everyday. From grinding out class projects to getting through my yoga sessions, I know I can count on Wellness Gum.” -Ashley in Phoenix

Wellness Is Our Mission


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APIRx Wellness Gum is protected by the following patents and patent applications: 

10059684, 15494514, 15787498, 10246431, 16653416, 16774959, US9023322B2, P6018503PCT/EP

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